Luxmoore Yeos

John Yeo (1803–1891) and Isaac Yeo (1815–1901) were brothers, sons of John Yeo and Joanna Keenor.

John Yeo married Alice Luxmoore at Germansweek in 1834. They had four children at Lifton:
– Elizabeth Yeo (born 1837)
– Mary Yeo (born 1839)
– John Luxmoore Yeo (1841–1878, married Alice Foot, two children)
– Susanna Yeo (1843, married Edward Steward)
and two after moving to Lewtrenchard:
– Samuel Luxmoore Yeo (1846–1818, married Elizabeth Ann Hole, two children)
– Maria Yeo (born 1848, married Thomas Hendy).
The 1861 census records 58-year-old John farming at Orchard, Lewtrenchard.

Isaac Yeo married Elizabeth Luxmoore in 1839. Their seven children were born at Germansweek:
– Mary Ann Yeo (born 1840)
– John James Yeo (1845–1919, married Ellen Susanna Burnard, seven children including Samuel James Luxmoore Yeo 1890–1969)
– William Yeo (1846–1916, married Eliza Anne Wilson, four children)
– Samuel Luxmoore Yeo (born 1848, died as an infant)
– Samuel Yeo (born 1850)
– Ellen Elizabeth Luxmoore Yeo (born 1853, died as an infant)
– Ellen Yeo (born 1856, married George Wise).
The 1861 census records 45-year-old Isaac farming at Bitchcombe, Lewtrenchard.

For further information about these families, see Ian Pykett’s book The Life & Times of Revd John Reddaway Luxmoore (1829–1917) – details under Recommended reading.

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