Henry Thomas Freemantle and Emma Yeo

It appears that this couple married in India in 1881 and had both been born there. Their children included:
– Percival Rolf Freemantle (see below)
– Rose Annie Yeo Freemantle (born 1886)
– Mary Alice Yeo Freemantle (born 1889).
Emma died at Madras in 1940.

Percival Rolf Freemantle (born 1882) married Eliza Maud Chinnock at Bombay in 1906. They had at least one daughter, Doris Alice Yeo Freemantle.

Doris Alice Yeo Freemantle was baptised at a Catholic ceremony in Chandla in central India on 19 July 1909. Her father Percival Rolf Freemantle is described in her baptism record as a permanent way inspector living at Amargarh Station – ‘permanent way’ referring to the rail network.

Doris married Clarence Harold Seaman on 3 June 1925 at Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat. Clarence also worked on the railways, as a fireman.

Clarence and Doris had a son Oliver William Seaman in 1946. This family of three travelled to Sydney in 1948 and later settled in New Zealand, where Clarence died in 1965.

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