Robert Yaw and Elizabeth Burge

Robert Yaw [note 1] married Elizabeth Burge [note 2] at St Decuman in 1729. They baptised six children at St Decuman [note 3]:
– Elizabeth Yea (baptised 1730, died as an infant)
– Sarah Yea (baptised 1732, married James Towill)
– John Yea (baptised 1734, died as a child)
– Robert Yea (baptised 1736)
– William Yaw (see William Yeo and Susannah Coates)
– Elizabeth Yaw (baptised 1740).

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1. No baptism or burial record found.
2. Buried 1773 at St Decuman.
3. The different spellings of the family’s surname reflect the spellings used in the parish register.