Thomas Yeo and Mary Woolacott

Thomas Yeo was baptised at Bideford in 1789 to parents John Yeo and Catherine Ash. He married Mary Woolacott at Bideford in 1825. Mary died in 1823, and Thomas married Elizabeth Hodge at Fremington three years later. Thomas, a former saddler, died in Bideford in 1861 [note 1].

Thomas and Mary had three children:
– Thomas Yeo (see below)
– John Woolacott Yeo (see The White Rabbit)
– Francis Ash Yeo (see below).
Thomas and Elizabeth had two children [note 2]:
– Mary Jane Yeo (1837–1861)
– William Yeo (1839–1841).

Thomas Yeo (1827–1890, son of Thomas Yeo and Mary Woolacott) was baptised at Bideford. He married Selina Allen Phillips in 1853; they had four children:
– Thomas Winter Yeo (1854–1900, married Frances David, three children)
– Frank Woollacott Yeo (see below)
– Selina Mary Yeo (born 1859, died as an infant)
– Selina Mary Yeo (1861–1885, married William Matthews).

Francis Ash Yeo (1833–1888, known as Frank, son of Thomas Yeo and Mary Woolacott) moved from Bideford to south Wales. He married Sarah Cory at the parish church of St John, Cardiff on 19 February 1858. They had four children:
– Frank Cory Yeo (1859–1935, married Ada Sylvester, three children)
– Mary Woolacott Yeo (1860–1898, married Alfred George Goodwin)
– Sarah Louise Yeo (1863–1934, married Ernest Morton Nance, daughter Armorel Mary Yeo Morton Nance born 1904)
– Margaret Yeo (born 1864, died as a child)
Francis then married Mary Dowson in 1868, with whom he had three children:
– George Dowson Yeo (born 1869, died as a child)
– Ethel Jane Yeo (1872–1928, married Wynard M. Hall)
– John Arthur Ash Yeo (see below).

Frank Woollacott Yeo (1856–1918, son of Thomas Yeo and Selina Allen Phillips) married Mary Ann Mois Smith in 1880. They had three children:
– Selina Mary Yeo (born 1886 in Cardiff)
– Frank Thomas Yeo (see below)
– Bretta Marian Yeo (1882–1975, married Bert Stanley Cording in 1912).

John Arthur Ash Yeo (1875–1963, son of Francis Ash Yeo and Sarah Cory) married May Lillie Chaplin in London in 1909. They had two children:
– Thomas Chaplin Yeo (1910–1986, married Dorothy Rogerson, two children)
– Mary Elizabeth Yeo (born 1914).

Frank Thomas Yeo (born 1888, son of Frank Woollacott Yeo and Mary Ann Mois Smith) married Lucy Turner in 1914. They had two children:
– William Francis Yeo (born 1915, married Doris Williams in Lancashire in 1942)
– Lawrence Sylvester Yeo (1918–1982, married Doreen Edith Skerratt).

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1. His death certificate gives his place of death as ‘High Street’; his age is recorded as 73, though he was probably 72.
2. The 1851 census for Bideford records Thomas at 1 Allhalland Street, a master saddler aged 61, with his wife Elizabeth (54), son Francis Ash Yeo (18, an attorney’s writing clerk) and daughter Mary Jane Yeo (14).