Benjamin Wellington Yeo and Margaret Clark Morgan

Benjamin Wellington Yeo was born in Brussels, Ontario in 1860. His parents William Yeo and Susan Wonnacott were both from families who had emigrated from Devon.

The 1901 census for Goderich, Manitoba, records William and Susan Yeo with unmarried adult daughters Helena and Minnie. William is a farmer who was born in 1827 and came to Canada in 1831; Susan was born in 1829 and came to Canada in the same year. The couple had married in Fullarton, Ontario in 1849.

Benjamin and Margaret married in 1887 and had two daughters:
– Emma Florence Yeo (1881–1914)
– Leona Ruth Yeo (1889–1997)

The 1901 census records them in Provencher, Manitoba, where Benjamin is a farmer; with him and Margaret are their two daughters and Benjamin’s 19-year-old niece Marie Susan Yeo (daughter of his brother James Wesley Yeo). The 1910 census records them in the U.S. city of Detroit; Benjamin is an electrician and both daughters are still living with them.

Benjamin died in Weston, a suburb of Toronto, on 7 December 1936.

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