John Charles Yeo and Eliza Ann Hickox

John Charles Yeo (1878–1966, son of Charles Henry Yeo and Elizabeth Jane Garden) emigrated from Australia to New Zealand in 1905 with his wife Eliza Ann Hickox.

They had six children:
– Frank George Yeo (1906–1983, married Kathleen Annie Moore)
– Doris Aurora Yeo (1908–1981, married Thomas Aitchison)
– Eileen Mary Yeo (1910–1978, known as Molly, married Alexander Jack Lewis in 1930 and Clifford Mortimer in 1948)
– Allan John Yeo (1912–1998, married Jean Olive Johnson at Auckland in 1937); they had sons Jack Neil Yeo (born 1938) and James Allen Yeo (born 1948).
– Charles Sheffield Yeo (1914–1988)
– Gwennie Elizabeth Yeo (1914–1977, twin sister of Charles, married Rupert George Bell)

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