Robert Yeo and Ann Syms

Robert Yeo (baptised at South Tawton in 1802) was the third son of Robert Yeo and Susanna Webber.

Several researchers, including Sheila, have looked into Robert’s line of descent but have not been able to trace it with certainty. Our working assumption is that he was the Robert Yeo who married Ann Syms. Their marriage took place at South Tawton in 1827, where their first five children were baptised:
– Susanna Yeo (1829–1870, married Francis Dyer)
– Robert Yeo (baptised in 1831, married Ruth Ponsford, eight children)
– Margaret Yeo (1833–1907, married John Hall)
– Joseph Yeo (1839–1860)
– Ann Yeo (1837–1907, married John Thorne, five children)
The 1841 census records Robert and Ann living with four of their children at Spitlar Cross, to the east of South Tawton in the hamlet of Addiscott. Robert is an agricultural labourer. They had another son:
– John Yeo (see below)
Robert and Ann soon moved to Moretonhampstead, where two further sons were born:
– George Yeo (1845–1853)
– William John Yeo (see below).
Robert died at Moretonhampstead in 1878.

John Yeo (1843–1910, son of Robert Yeo and Ann Syms) married Elizabeth Crout. They had ten children:
– John Yeo (born 1867 in Moretonhampstead)
– William Charles Yeo (1868–1884)
– Alice Yeo (born 1870 at Holcombe Burnell, married Edwin Ellis; their daughter Mabel Mudge née Ellis was for many years licensee of the Drew Arms at Drewsteignton)
– Henry Yeo (see below)
– Susan Jane Yeo (1874–1905, married Alfred Bulley [note 1])
– Elizabeth Ann Yeo (born 1876 at Holcombe Burnell, married William John Howe)
– Ellen Yeo (born 1879 at Holcombe Burnell, married Alfred Tree)
– Charles Yeo (born 1880 at Holcombe Burnell, married Kathleen James)
– Jessie Melissa Yeo (born 1885 at Holcombe Burnell)
– William James Yeo (1886–1918, married Margaret Ann Moore in Swansea in 1909, two children).

William John Yeo (1851–1935) was the youngest son of Robert Yeo and Ann Syms. He married Mary Pike at Moretonhampstead in 1874; they had ten children:
– Mary Ann Yeo (1876–1971, married Ernest George Mares)
– Emma Elizabeth Yeo (born 1877 at Moretonhampstead)
– William John Yeo (1880–1908)
– Amelia Bessie Yeo (born 1882 at Moretonhampstead, married Samuel John Hawkes)
– Edith Ellen Yeo (1883–1953, married William John Ford Beer)
– Rhoda Lucy Yeo (1884–1960, married Frederick Wilfred Parr Casely)
– Mark Henry Yeo (1891–1952, married Lilian May Grant, son Francis Mark Yeo, 1916–1962)
– Henry Arthur Yeo (born 1887 at Bovey Tracey)
– Alfred James Yeo (born 1896 at Bovey Tracey)
– William Henry Yeo (born 1899 at Bovey Tracey).

Henry Yeo (1872–1949, married Alice Mary Lee in 1894 and had eight children:
– John Henry Yeo (1896–1916)
– Bessie Yeo (1896–1975, married John Paul Bilski, emigrated to New Zealand)
– Fred Yeo (1897–1970, moved to Northern Ireland, married Minnie Coffey, one daughter)
– Frank Yeo (born 1900 at Christow, married Edith Partridge, two sons)
– Elizabeth May Yeo (1907–1966, married John Ball)
– Charles Yeo (1908–1949)
– George Yeo (1911–1937)
– Alice Yeo (born 1915 at Stokeinteignhead).

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1. Alfred’s brother Walter Charles Bulley married Emily Jane Yeo in 1893.