Thomas Yeo and Mary Radford

Thomas Yeo [note 1] and Mary Radford married in the Bristol parish of St Philip and St Jacob on 10 October 1776. They had seven children, including:
– Henry Yeo (see below)

Henry Yeo (1790–1853, son of Thomas Yeo and Mary Radford) had four children with his wife Anna Maria:
– William Yeo (see below)
– Henry Yeo (see Henry Yeo and Ann Flowers Burchett)
– Edward Yeo (1835–1898, married Charlotte Orchard, nine children)
– Ann Maria Yeo (born 1838 at Frome).

William Yeo (baptised 1826 at Corsham, son of Henry and Anna Maria Yeo) married Elizabeth Milford in Melksham in 1848. Thee births of their ten children were registered at Frome:
– William Henry Yeo (born 1849 married Elizabeth Sainsbury, two sons)
– Henry Yeo (born 1850, married Maria Elliot, two sons)
– Elizabeth Yeo (born 1852, died as a child)
– Anna Maria Yeo (born 1855)
– Charles Yeo (born 1857, married Mary Kinton, two children)
– Edward Yeo (born 1859, married Helena Holden, six children)
– Albert James Yeo (see below)
– John Yeo (born 1864)
– Rowland Yeo (born 1866)
– Walter Yeo (born 1869).

Albert James Yeo (1862, son of William Yeo and Elizabeth Milford) moved to south Wales, were he married Clementine Williams in 1844. They had eleven children, including:
– Arthur James Yeo (born 1888, emigrated to South Africa)
– Percival Walter Yeo (born 1894, emigrated to South Africa, married Evelyn Constance Kirkwood in Johannesburg in 1921, four children).

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1. Can anyone identify Thomas Yeo’s parents? He appears to have been baptised about 1743.