Humphrey Yeo and Agnes Wheeler

The Yeos of Shebbear have been the subject of much attention by all the prominent Yeo researchers.

Eve McLaughlin (see The Yeo Family) included them in her 1970s research. Humphrey Toms and Reg Walter studied various Shebbear wills, looked into property ownership there and the connection to the Harrington family, and in 1967 drew up a detailed pedigree (incorporating work by F.D. Evans and Ronald Wilson) that sought to link the Yeos of Shebbear to the main landed Yeo line. This work was not convincing and they did not pursue it.

Sheila formed the theory that Robert Yeo of Shebbear (who was not shown on the 1967 pedigree by Toms and Walter) was a son of William Yeo of Heanton Sachville, but she too failed to find supporting evidence. See The ‘fifth Son’ and the Shebbear Line.

The parish register for Shebbear records the marriage of Humphrey Yeo and Agnes Wheeler in 1590 and the baptisms of at least eleven of their children:
– Susan Yeo (baptised in 1591, married Robert Gunter)
– Mary Yeo (baptised in 1593,  married William Maynard)
– Robert Yeo (see below)
– Zenobia Yeo (1597–1676, married John Seldon at Hatherleigh in 1626)
– Katherine Yeo, born about 1601, married John Blight at Shebbear in 1648; she might have been a daughter of Humphrey Yeo and Agnes Wheeler or the widow of one of their sons
– Sarah Yeo (baptised in 1601, married William Hutchings under a licence issued at Exeter)
– Christopher Yeo, who lived at Filleigh and whose will was proved at Barnstaple in 1664, might have been a son of Humphrey Yeo and Agnes Wheeler
– Joseph Yeo (see Joseph Yeo and Jane Giffard)
– Agnes Yeo (baptised in 1603, married Jacob James)
– Ferdinando Yeo (1605–1682)
– Joseph Yeo (see below)
– George Yeo (1609–1610)
– George (1611–1672)
– John Yeo (see below).

Robert Yeo (1595–1665, son of Humphrey Yeo and Agnes Wheeler), married Jane Thorne; for his line of descent see Robert Yeo and Jane Thorne.

John Yeo (baptised in 1613, son of Humphrey Yeo and Agnes Wheeler) might have died young, but some researchers have suggested that he married Grace Yeo and had children Prudence, John, Grace, William, Prudence, Thomas and Honor.

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