Thomas Yeo and Ellen Flynn

Thomas Yeo, a recent emigrant from England [note 1] married Ellen Flynn née Pike in Newfoundland and died in Massachusetts in 1910. Their four children were born in Newfoundland:
– Thomas Joseph Yeo (1858–1931) [note 2]
– John Thomas Yeo (1861–1901 [note 3], married Sarah Jane Emberley, three children)
– William John Yeo (see below)
– Mary Ann Yeo (1872–1940, married Michael J. Babcock [note 4]).

William John Yeo (1864–1940, son of Thomas Yeo and Ellen Flynn née Pike) married Rosannah Fitzpatrick at St John’s in 1886. They had twin daughters and a son:
– Ellen Vincent Yeo (born 1888)
– Mary Joseph Yeo (born 1888)
– John Thomas Yeo (1889–1962, married Mary Ellen Richardson, ten children including John Patrick Yeo, see below)
then moved to Massachusetts, where they had eight further children:
– Mary Ellen Yeo (born 1894, died as a child)
– William John Yeo (born 1896, died as a child)
– Susanna Mary Yeo (1899–1960, married Charles Markey [note 5])
– Irene Frances Yeo (born 1901, married George T. Libby [note 6])
– Josephine Yeo (1902–1975, married James McClusky [note 7])
– Ethel M. Yeo (1905–1978, married Thomas Francis Murray)
– Evelyn Gertrude Yeo (1906–1970, married Edward Joseph Liston)
– Hazel Maud Yeo (1908–1994, married Burton Joseph Frazer)

John Patrick Yeo (1920–1975, son of John Thomas Yeo and Mary Ellen Richardson) married Genevieve L. Tobin and had four children.

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1. Thomas’s father appears to have been John Yeo, baptised in Plymouth in 1804 to parents John Yeo and Ann Ellis.
2. Recorded in St John’s, Newfoundland in the 1921 census as Thomas Yoe, with wife Catherine Yoe.
3. Baptised at St John’s on 5 February 1858 as Thomas Yew.
4. Recorded in Somerville, Massachusetts in the 1930 census.
5. Recorded in Somerville, Massachusetts in the 1930 census as Susan Markey, married to Charles Markey.
6. Recorded in Somerville, Massachusetts in the 1930 census as Irene F. Libby, married to George T. Libby.
7. Recorded in Somerville, Massachusetts in the 1930 census as Josephine McKlusky, married to James J. McClusky.