North America

These couples or individuals left England in the years shown, to settle in North America (see also the notes on emigrants to Ontario and Prince Edward Island):

Alfred Yeo (date not known) – married Lucille Agnes Tallman and Kay Humphries

Benjamin Yeo and Mary Blatchford (1849)

Benjamin Yeo and Pasco Boundy Ashton (1841)

Chamond Yeo (date not known) – died Vancouver 1907

Charles Dennis Moore Yeo (c1910) – married Susana Everiss

Daniel Yeo (c1830) – married Maria Kinsman

Edwin Ritchie Yeo (date not known) – married May Elizabeth Robillard

John Payne and Elizabeth Yeo (1848) – Elizabeth later married George Harris

John Harris and Elizabeth Yeo (date not known)

John Thomas Hicks and Harriet Yeo (date not known)

Francis Yeo and Caroline George (date not known)

Francis Yeo (1868) and Ellen Tinning

Frank Davey Yeo (1913) – married Lilian Evelyn Jack

George Oxenham and Ellen Wooldridge nee Yeo (1931)

George Yeo (c1870) – married  Sarah Jane Williams

George Yeo (1872) – married Josephine Eledge 1902

Henry Yeo and Elizabeth Aurther (1872)

Henry Yeo (1840s) – married Mary Cornforth Dobson

Henry Widger Yea and Mary Angus Giles (1897)

James Yeo (1857) – married Grace Holtby and Susan Glover

James Yeo and Jane Skitch (1850s)

John Yeo and Elizabeth Kate Maclean (1880s)

John Yeo and Elizabeth Reed (1846)

John Yeo (1835) – married Mary Ann Shortridge

John Yeo and Mary Anne Daniel Wonnacott (1868)

John Yeo (date unknown) – married Mary Stilson

Joseph Yeo and Ann Gillard (1870s)

Joseph Yeo and Elizabeth Hore (date not known)

Henry Stennett and Martha Yeo (date not known)

Richard Yeo and Elizabeth Penfound (1890s)

Richard Yeo and Grace Lashbrook (1830s)

Richard Yeo and Rosina Victor (1871)

Robert Yeo and Agnes Bews (c1850)

Robert Yeo and Mary Ann Fulford (1842)

Thomas Yeo (c1850) – married Ellen Flynn

Thomas Yeo (c1900) – married Kate Chisholm

Thomas Yeo (date unknown) – married Sarah McIntyre

Thomas Francis Yeo (1868) – married Sybella George and Susan Elizabeth Jenney

Thomas Yeo and Mary Ann Burrows (c1841)

William Henry May and Eliza Yeo (1870s)

William Westaway and Elizabeth Yeo (date not known)

William Yendle Yeo (1883) – married Jessie Louise Baker

William Yeo (1850s)

William Yeo and Grace Bray (1870s)

William Yeo and Grace Soper (c1850)

William Yeo and Jane Fanson (c1832)

William Yeo and Mary Ann Hobbs (c1863)

William Yeo and Rosamond Green (c1842)

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Do you recognise either of these two emigrants?
– An unidentified William H. Yeo sailed from Southampton, arriving at Ellis Island, New York on 5 August 1893.
– An unidentified George Christopher Yeo, who is rather improbably recorded in the passenger list as Scottish, sailed from Liverpool on the SS Celtic, arriving at Ellis Island on 16 August 1903.