Joseph Sewell Yeo and Isabella Holehouse

Joseph Sewell Yeo (1874–1941) married Isabella Holehouse in 1901 [note 1]. Joseph was a postal sorter in the army and in civilian life. He and Isabella had eight children:
– Isobel Lilian Sewell Yeo (1901–1975, married William Anderson)
– Frances Beatrice Sewell Yeo (born 1902, married Edward Hughes)
– Maisie Georgina Yeo (born 1904, married Joseph Roberts)
– Frederick Sewell Holehouse Yeo (born 1907, married Charlotte Mary Smith and Rachel Dunn)
– Jocelyn Holehouse Yeo (1909–1971, married Muriel Corlett Morgan)
– Arthur Robert Holehouse Yeo (see below)
– Mary Elizabeth Yeo (born 1913, married George Wilson)
– George Henry Yeo (born 1915, died as an infant).

Arthur Robert Holehouse Yeo (1911–1987) married Mary Monica Kinsella in 1942 [note 2] and had seven children:
– Robert Joseph Kinsella Yeo (born 1943)
– Christopher B. Yeo (born 1945, married Violet Williams)
– Judith A. Yeo (born 1947, married Michael Scott)
– John Edward Yeo (1948–2005, married Angela Saunderson)
– Gerald Francis Yeo (born 1949, died as an infant)
– Keith M. Yeo (born 1949, married Dalice de Relya)
– Geraldine F. Yeo (born 1951, married Colin Brookes).

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1. Married at Birkenhead Register Office on 9 January.
2. Marriage recorded in the Liverpool North registration district in the third quarter.