Frederick Yeo and Ethel Mary Knight

Frederick Yeo was born at Dulverton in Somerset, according to the 1911 census. His birth was registered at Dulverton in the fourth quarter of 1898 as Frederick Yeo, but previous generations of the family were recorded with the surname Yaw.

The 1911 census records Frederick in Hampshire, with his parents William and Emma Yeo at Bulls Rushes Cottages in Oakley, near Basingstoke. The 1939 Register records him living in Chichester with his second wife, and working as a bricklayer. He died in Sussex in 1968.

Frederick moved to Sussex, where married Ethel Mary Knight at West Dean in 1925. They had five children:
– Violet Ethel Yeo (born 1925, married James Smith)
– Doris Emma Yeo (born 1926)
– John D. Yeo (born 1928, married Mary Quigley, two children)
– Peggy P. Yeo (1929–1967, married Alec Miles)
– Ethel Mary Yeo (born 1931)

Frederick’s wife Ethel died in 1931, apparently during or after childbirth, and he married Helen Rose Pelling three years later. They also had five children:
– Ronald Frederick Yeo (1935–1976, married Janet Dorey, two children)
– Barbara G. Yeo (born 1936, married David Stear)
– Phyllis M. Yeo (twin sister of Barbara, married Morris Light)
– David Brian Yeo (1938–1997)
– Dorothy Margaret Rose Yeo (born 1944).

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