John Yeo – the first Anglican minister in Maryland

John Yeo, son of Joseph Yeo and Jane Giffard, was baptised at Shebbear in 1651. He trained as a minster and emigrated to America, where he is believed to have been the first Anglican minister in the state of Maryland. He died in Maryland in 1686; in U.S. records his surname is generally spelt Yoe. Jean Gaw Buckley has researched this line, and was in touch with Sheila.

In Maryland, John Yoe married Semelia Garretson née Bedell, widow of Ruthan Garrettson, and had one son:
– John Yoe (see below).

John Yoe (1675–1733, son of John and Semelia Yoe) married Ann Jarman. They had ten children, including:
– Aaron Yoe (see below)
– Robert Yoe (see below)
– James Yoe (1717–1752).

Aaron Yoe (born c1695, son of John Yoe and Ann Jarman) married Ann Burke and had a son Thomas Yoe, see below.

Robert Yoe (1728–1762, son of John Yoe and Ann Jarman) married Mary Wilson. They had three children:
– John Yoe (born 1750)
– William Yoe (born 1752, son Levi Yoe born Calvert County, Maryland 1785)
– Anne Yeo (1753–1813)

Thomas Yoe (born 1740, son of Aaron Yoe and Ann Burke) had a wife Lydia and four sons:
– David Yoe (1789–1817).
– Samuel Burke Yoe (1791–1866, married Sally Ann Clark, two daughters)
– Thomas Burke Yoe (1793–1853, married Elizabeth Corse Sherwood, eight children)
– William Burke Yoe (1794–1884).

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