Richard Yeo and Catherine Moyse

Sheila researched this line with a correspondent in 2004.

Richard Yeo was baptised at Kilkhampton in 1759. His marriage to Catherine Moyse at Launcells in 1774 is recorded in the parish register and dated 14 February: ‘Richard Yeo and Catharine Moyse of Poughill’.

Richard and Catherine baptised seven children at Launcells:
– William Yeo (1775–1776)
– Elizabeth Yeo (1778–1781)
– Catherine Yeo (1781-1781)
– Prudence Yeo (baptised 1782)
– Thomas Yeo (baptised 1785, married Mary Gliddon, two children including Thomas Yeo – see below)
– Richard Yeo – see below
– John Yeo (1789–1792).

Thomas Yeo (baptised 1820 at Launcells, son of Thomas Yeo and Mary Gliddon) emigrated to Prince Edward Island and married Sarah McIntyre. Their six children included:
– John Yeo (1848–1896, married Margaret Ann Ramsay, seven children)
– Richard Yeo (born 1854, six children) (1890–1950
– Flora Yeo (born 1862, married William O’Meara).

Richard Yeo (baptised 1787 at Morwenstow, son of Richard Yeo and Catherine Moyse) married Grace Lashbrook at Morwenstow in 1811. Before emigrating to Prince Edward Island, they had six children:
– Susannah Yeo (1812–1904)
– Grace Lashbrook Yeo (1814–1904, married George Turner)
– James Lashbrook Yeo, see below
– Catherine Yeo (born 1817)
– John Yeo (see below)
– Elizabeth Yeo (1821–1899, emigrated with his parents, married Patrick McCoubrey).
They had two further daughters after emigrating:
– Prudence Yeo (1821–1908, married Thomas Colwill)
– Matilda Yeo (born 1825).
Richard died in Prince Edward Island in 1871.

James Lashbrook Yeo (1816–1864) emigrated to Prince Edward Island, married Mary Hardy and had at least twelve children, including:
– George Hardy Yeo (1845–1933, married Margaret Caroline Sellick, six children)
– William Lashbrook Yeo (1847–1930, had eight children including Herbert William Yeo 1890–1950 from his marriage to Caroline Wyland and three children from his marriage to Matilda Wyland)
– Thomas Hardy Yeo (1862–1941, three children).

John Yeo (1818–1864, son of Richard Yeo and Grace Lashbrook) married Hannah Hardy in Prince Edward Island in 1838; they had ten children:
– Elizabeth Hannah Yeo (born c1840)
– Hannah Yeo (born c1845)
– Mary Jane Yeo (born 1849, married Richard Godfrey)
– Richard Yeo (born 1840, married Elizabeth Dunn)
– George Yeo (born 1842, moved to Massachusetts, married Isabella Moore, four children)
– Sarah Yeo (born 1844)
– William Yeo (born 1846, married Isabella Green and moved to Massachusetts, six children including Elizabeth Minerva Yeo)
– Grace Lashbrook Yeo (born 1848, married David Godfrey)
– John Yeo (born 1857)
– Charles Yeo (born 1860).

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Richard’s origins are unclear. Some researchers have suggested a line of descent from Robert Yeo and Rose Cory of Stratton, but this does not appear to be correct. Was he a son of Richard Yeo and Grace Symons of Kilkhampton?