John Henry Arthur Yeo and Florence Edith Ada Ward

John Henry Arthur Yeo was born in 1876 on the SS Annot Lyle while his mother Jane was travelling to India [note 1]. He was baptised in Bombay five months later.

The 1911 census for Liverpool records John as a boarder at 1 Avondale Road. His occupation is recorded as ‘chemist assistant’, his age as 35 and his birthplace as ‘at sea’. With him are his wife Florence (age 33, born in Lambeth), son Leslie (age 8), son Aubrey (age 7) and daughter Vera (age 2).

John and Florence had married in London in 1901. They had five children:
– Leslie Estreville Ward Yeo (1903–1968, emigrated to Australia, changed his surname to Paton, married Agnes Grace Bott)
– Aubrey Cyril Yeo (1904–1939)
– Emily Yeo (born 1904) [note 2]
– Vera Florence Yeo (1908–1988, married Thomas Bagnall)
– Rita Aileen Yeo (1913–2008, married James Derby).

Sheila Yeo researched this family and recorded two further sons: Edward Yeo (born 1906) and Percy Edward C Yeo (born 1909), for whom no records have been found.

John’s parents John Yeo [note 3] and Jane Hill (1835–1915) had married at St Veep in 1860. They appear to have no other children.

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1. His father John might have been with them, and might have been part of the ship’s crew.
2. Emily appears to have died before the 1911 census.
3. 1830–1910, eldest son of Samuel Yeo and Elizabeth Curtis.