Walter Herbert Yeo and Mary Ann Brooks

Sheila researched this couple for correspondent Nicola Ironside in 2010 but we are looking into their family again.

Walter Herbert Yeo (1843–1926) and Mary Ann Brooks (1851–1916) married at Bridgwater in 1855. Walter was a son of George Yeo and Hannah Pierce.

Walter, a house painter, and Mary Ann soon moved to north London.They lived in Monsell Road, Highbury. They had eleven children, whose births were all registered at Islington: Agnes Maria Yeo (born 1870, died as a child), Eliza Hannah Yeo (1871), Mary Mabel Yeo (1873), Agnes Martha Yeo (1875), George William Yeo (1877), Priscilla Ada Yeo (1877, died as a child), Walter Herbert Yeo (1879), Ruth Anna Yeo (1881), Henry Thomas Yeo (1883, died as an infant) and Priscilla Ada Yeo (1884).

They then returned to Somerset, where they had three further children, whose births were registered at Bridgwater: Henry Thomas Yeo (born 1887), Daisy Rose Yeo (1891) and May Edith Yeo (1893). 

We know a little about some of the children:
– Eliza or Elizabeth Hannah Yeo married Thomas Cambridge Foreman in 1897; the marriage is recorded in the Dorchester registration district in the third quarter of the year. There does not appear to be a Church of England record of the marriage, so was it a Catholic or nonconformist ceremony or did they marry at the register office in Dorchester?
– George William Yeo (see George William Yeo and Beatrice Mary Hall).
– Priscilla Ada Yeo remained in Somerset, where she married Evan Francis in 1912.
– Walter Herbert Yeo remained in Somerset, where he married Jane Attwell in 1903.
– Daisy Rose Yeo worked as a secretary and lived to the age of 95. The 1939 Register records her as single and living in Southampton.
– Mary Edith Yeo married Reginald Slocumbe in 1919.

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