Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada. Is is situated in the Gulf of St Lawrence, off the north coast of the mainland province of New Brunswick, to which is is linked by a bridge opened in 1997.

Among the many emigrants to Prince Edward Island were Yeos from south-west England, who settled there from the 18th century. This has led to familiar names on the island, such as Yeos Point and the Bideford River. Its history is curated at the Green Park Shipbuilding Museum and Yeo House. Some of these families stayed on the island while others moved to other parts of Canada or to the United States.

Many people have studied the family lines of emigrants to to Prince Edward Island, including Alan Richards, Amylynne Baker-Santagate, Bruce Morrel, Christine Brewer, Claudia Boorman, Dave Hunter, Eunice Schmalenberg, Faye Hodson, Gary Carroll, Jean Ashfield, Jeanne Duce, Jim Monroe, Jim Roberts, June Middleton, Linda Monroe, Lorraine Lund, Nancy Yeo, Norma Falconer (see Useful Links), Norman Yeo, Pam Beauer, Patti Hirshouer, Ralph Yeo, Regg Enman, Ron Webb, Roxanne Moos and Valerie Lape. This long list of names indicates a depth of interest disproportionate to the size of the island.

Descendants of these Yeo families have settled in or passed through Prince Edward Island:
– Henry Adams and Grace Yeo of Kilkhampton
– James Yeo of Kilkhampton (1790–1868) and his wives Mary Francis and Damaris Sargent – for more details see under James Yeo and Elizabeth Vincent and Dictionary of Canadian Biography
– James Yeo of Launcells and his wives Martha Short and Jane Skitch
– James Yeo, son of Chamond Yeo of Kilkhampton
James Yeo and Elizabeth Vincent
Elizabeth Watts née Yeo (c1830) – married John Pippy
– John Thomas Hopgood and Mary Yeo
– John Thomas Yeo and Annie Elizabeth Vincent
– John Wendell Yeo and Ruth Gabel
Lawrence Yeo and Margaret Jane Harkness
Richard Yeo and Catherine Moyse
Richard Yeo and Grace Lashbrook
– Richard Yeo and Susanna Pilliphant
– Robert Albert Yeo and Daisy Monkley
Robert Yeo and Mary Ann Fulford
Robert Yeo and Orentha Pridnam
Samuel Yeo and Nancy Prowse
– Samuel Rodd and Anna Maria Yeo – see under James Yeo and Elizabeth Vincent
– Thomas Yeo and Anne Maria Yeo
– Thomas Yeo and Betsy Hockridge
Thomas Yeo and Mary Ann Burrows
William Thomas Yeo and Katherine Maude Arbing

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The 1967 book Westcountrymen in Prince Edward’s Isle by Basil Greenhill and Ann Giffard (published by David and Charles of Newton Abbot and the University of Toronto Press) is an extremely useful source and contains many Yeo references. See also The Island Register and Green Park Shipbuilding Museum and Yeo House.