James Henry Bradley and Catherine Wootton Yea

Administration of the estate of licensed victualler Catherine Wootton Bradley [note 1] was granted to her husband James Henry Bradley on 20 August 1907. Her grant of administration [note 2] was accompanied by an inventory that showed little detail of the estate, which was valued at £155.

Catherine had been born in 1863, the third of six children of English emigrants Robert Yea and Catherine Cumming Wootton, who married in Victoria in 1857. Their other children were:
– Alice Elizabeth Yea (1835–1930, married Joseph Croucher)
– John William Yea (1860–1940, married Rebecca Jane Fitzgerald)
– Eleanor Parnell Yea (1866–1892, married William Robert Ward)
– Robert Yea (1868–1931)
– Harriet Anna Yea (1874–1943, married Henry George Ward).

The date of Catherine’s marriage to James is not known.

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1. Of the Panton Hill Hotel at Panton Hill in the Australian state of Victoria. Catherine had died intestate, ie without leaving a valid will.
2. Issued by the Supreme Court of Victoria.