Sydney James Yeo and Eliza Donley

Sydney James Yeo (1862–1943) was the fifth of seven children of John Yeo and Emma Matilda Spearing. He emigrated to Western Australia, where he married Eliza Donley in 1897. They had three children:
– Florence Ethel Yeo (born 1898, married George Eustace North)
– John Spearing Yeo (see below)
– Sydney Francis Yeo (1905–1983, married Dorothy Edwina Forbes).

John Spearing Yeo (1904–1970 son of Sydney James Yeo and Eliza Donley) married Florence May Wertheimer in Perth in 1936. They had one son:
– Dallas Sydney Yeo (1934–2011, married Aurelie Jean Shearer, three children).

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