John Yeo and Alice Jeue

The events described below pre-date the keeping of parish registers; hence there is little or no reliable documentary evidence for them. The information sourced from the Visitations pedigrees: see The Visitations of Devon and Cornwall for comments on their scope and accuracy.

There is no credible basis for the suggestion that everyone with the surname Yeo or its varants is descended from this north Devon family. See The origin of the surname and Thomas Yeaw and early London records.

John Yeo (c1390–c1460) married Alice Jeue and had three children:
– Richard Yeo (born c1425, three children)
– Johane Yeo (born c1427, married Thomas Holland)
– William Yeo (see below).

William Yeo (c1429–1481, son of John Yeo and Alice Jeue) married Leva Grenville (c1426–c1485, daughter of William Grenville and Philippa Bonville). They had six children:
– Helen Yeo (born c1453, married John Holland)
– Robert Yeo (see below)
– Nicholas Yeo (born c1457, married Jane Loveis and Joane Lybbe, three children including John Yeo)
– Alice Yeo (born c1457, might have married Philip Stafford)
– Edmund Yeo (born c1458, might have been called Edward, married Elizabeth Clark, five children)
– Leonard Yeo (c1460–c1540).

Robert Yeo (c1455–1529, son of William Yeo and Leva Grenville) married Alice Walrond (daughter of John Walrond of Bradfield, Uffculme). Thay had six children:
– Philip Yeo (c1480–c1525)
– William Yeo (see William Yeo and Joan Fulford)
– Nicholas Yeo (born c1482, married Elizabeth Monk, six children)
– Edward Yeo (born c1483)
– Isabell Yeo (see Isabell or Elizabeth Yeo)
– Joan Yeo
– Robert Yeo (c1485–1572, married Elizabeth Prideax, two sons).

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