Henry Yeo and Jane Lee

Henry Yeo (1843–1898, son of John Yeo and Elizabeth Batstone) emigrated to Ontario and married Jane Lee in 1874. They had eight children:
– Arthur Henry Yeo (1877–1926, married Mary O’Donnell, five children)
– Bertha May Yeo (1879–1953, married Albert Wood)
– William Alfred Yeo (1881–1928, died in the United States, did not marry)
– Rose Grace Yeo (1883–1924, married Ernest Currie)
– Marlin Lee Yeo (born 1884)
– John Garfield Yeo (1887–1957)
– Eva Pearl Yeo (1890–1985, married Herman Fishleigh)
– Percy Clifford Yeo (1893–1893).

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