George Yeo and Mary Day

George Yeo (c1715–1763, a great grandson of George Yeo and Alice Webb of Cannington, Somerset, married his second wife Mary Day at Wells in 1749. They lived at Bleadon, where they baptised five children:
– Frances Yeo (baptised 1751, married Samuel Norman)
– George Yeo (see George Yeo of Bleadon; for his son George Yeo see below)
– William Yeo (baptised 1757, died as an infant)
– Joanna Yeo (baptised 1759, died as an infant)
– Maria Yeo (1760–1844, married George Thomas).

George Yeo (1799–1886, son of George Yeo and Mary Slade) farmed at Blagdon. He married Hester Palmer at the parish church of St Paul, Bristol on 7 April 1821; their eight children were baptised at Bleadon:
– Mary Ann Yeo (1822–1851)
– Eliza Yeo (1827–1906, married James Green)
– Harriet Yeo (1828–1903)
– Caroline Yeo (1831–1890)
– George Yeo (1831–1897)
– Jane Yeo (1831–1863)
– Emily Yeo (1839–1840)
– William Yeo (1840–1901).

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