The 1921 census for England and Wales

This resource is now available online at The census was taken on 19 June, later than planned. A census was also taken in Scotland, but not in Ireland.

A search for Yeo in England and Wales produces 4040 records, though some of these will of course be members of the same household.

But a further 284 records have been inaccurately indexed as Yes, so if you can’t find someone under Yeo, try Yes instead. If you find them, do report the transcription error using the facility on the site.

If you have any queries on 1921 census records, or if you find any further categories of transcription error, please use the Contact Us page to tell us about them.

Of the surname variants there are 230 entries for Yea, 31 entries for You, 28 entries for Yaw, one entry for Yeah and 205 for Atyeo – including a number of inaccurate transcriptions. Please let us have any comments on these too.