The Visitations of Devon and Cornwall

The following article is an excellent summary of the genealogical value of the Visitations pedigrees:

Humfry Yowe was one of the prominent figures who signed their pedigrees for the 1620 Cornwall Visitation. See the caption below for a list of the names.

Signatures: John Arundell of Trerice, Thomas Carmynowe, Francis Godolphin, George Carew, Peter Courtney, John Courtney, Richard Achim, John Hansian, Anthony Crewes, Edward Tybran, James Moyle, John Verbian, Thomas Trefusis, George Careys, Nicholas Trefusis, John Gerveys, Humfry Yowe, Thomas Denys, Richard Erisey, George Vacye, Nicholas Loyle, John Hoyley, William Fortescue, Peter Jollyfe and Thomas Arundel.