Richard Yeo and Loveday Turner

Richard Yeo (1812–1863) was a grandson of Isaac Yeo and Christian Weeks, who married at Sampford Courtenay in 1747. He married Loveday Turner in the parish of St Mary Steps, Exeter in 1836 and they had eleven children:
– Richard Yeo (born 1838, married Maria Mugridge, one son)
– Mary Ann Yeo (born 1839)
– Elizabeth Yeo (1836–1925, married John Slee)
– Loveday Yeo (1841–1842)
– Isaac Yeo (1843–1857)
– Thomas Yeo (see below)
– William Yeo (1847–1858)
– Emma Yeo (1850–1868)
– Loveday Yeo (1852–1914, married Samuel James Mingo and John Mortimore)
– Kitty Yeo (see below)
– Mary Ann Yeo (1857–1876).

Thomas Yeo (1845–1920, son of Richard Yeo and Loveday Turner, married Emma Spence at Inwardleigh in 1867. They had eight children:
– Isaac Yeo (1889–1922, married Alice Dennis, four children)
– Sarah Ann Yeo (1871–1918, married Lewis Lobb)
– Richard Yeo (1873–1978, married Edith Ellen Clark, four sons)
– Thomas Yeo (born 1877, married Eliza Pike, son Thomas Arthur Yeo)
– William Yeo (see below)
– Fred Yeo (1882–1970, moved to Surrey and married Ada Annie Burt in 1906, four children)
– Herbert Yeo (1886–1966, married Lucy Ann Friendship)
– Rose Emma Yeo (see below).

Kitty Yeo (1854–1919, daughter of Richard Yeo and Loveday Turner, had three illegitimate children before marrying John Kingdon in 1879:
– Lucy Ann Yeo (1872–1962), married William Parvin at Okehampton in 1896)
– Emma Yeo (1875–1936)
– James Yeo (born 1876, married Catherine Winifred Enticott at Axminster in 1899, no recorded children).

William Yeo (1880–1952, son of Thomas Yeo and Emma Spence) married Annie Friendship in 1902. They had three children:
– Daisy Rosalind Susan Yeo (see George Hutchings and Daisy Rosalind Susan Yeo)
– Winifred Emma Yeo (1906–2003, married Raymond Ward Tancock).
– Stanley William Herbert Yeo (1916–1977, married Ida May Hedderly).

Rose Emma Yeo (1887–1973, daughter of Thomas Yeo and Emma Spence) married Frederick Venton at Okehampton in 1911. They had one daughter:
– Vera Yeo Venton (1916–2000).

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