John Yeo and Thomasyne Witheridge

This couple married at Bishop’s Tawton on 29 January 1590/1 [note 1].

Who was John Yeo’s father? [note 2]

Sheila found their marriage record from a bishop’s transcript, noted that John and Thomasyne were buried at Bishop’s Tawton in 1615 and 1625 respectively, and identified three children:
– John Yeo (baptised 1592 at Bishop’s Tawton)
– Agnes Yeo (baptised 1595 at Bishop’s Tawton, married Thomas Marwell)
– William Yeo (see below)

William Yeo (baptised 1599 at Bishop’s Tawton, son of John Yeo and Thomasyne Witheridge) married twice. With his first wife Martha Gylbert he had six children including;
– Thomas Yeo (baptised 1622 at Bishop’s Tawton, four children with his wife Elizabeth)
and with his second wife Agnes Belserie he had four daughters, including:
– Charity Yeo (baptised 1644, married Thomas Seage).

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1. For ‘double dated’ years see Dates before 1751.
2. Possibilities are Richard Yeo of Bradworthy (buried 1641), Walter Yeo of Stratton (will 1634) and William Yeo of North Tawton (buried 1586), but Bradworthy and Stratton are not particularly close to Bishop’s Tawton and North Tawton is some distance away, and there appear to be no supporting baptism records.