William Westaway and Elizabeth Yeo

This couple married at Poughill in north-east Cornwall in 1804 and later emigrated to Ontario. William died in Sandwich, near Windsor, Ontario in 1835; Elizabeth died a few miles away in Detroit in 1851.

They had at least six children before they left Cornwall:
– William Westaway (baptised 1804 at Poughill)
– Betsey Westaway (baptised 1808 at Morwenstow)
– Charlotte Westaway (baptised 1808 at Morwenstow)
– John Westaway (baptised 1814 at Poughill)
– Jeremiah Westaway (baptised  1817 at Poughill)
– Henry Farley Westaway (baptised 1821 at Kilkhampton).

William Westaway and Elizabeth Yeo’s marriage has caused much debate in Westaway circles over the years, resulting in little by way of a consensus. Sheila Yeo identified William as having been born at Tavistock on 1775 to parents William Westaway and Joan Buffet and therefore of South Tawton descent, but her evidence is not conclusive.

Elizabeth Yeo was the youngest of six children of James Yeo and Elizabeth Vincent of Kilkhampton – two of her brothers had connections to Prince Edward Island. Elizabeth was also a first cousin of Susannah Yeo – see William Greenwood and Susannah Yeo.

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