Francis Yeo of Northam

Francis Yeo was born about 1538, the second of three sons of Lewis and Aricia Yeo of Bideford. With his wife Wilmot, he baptised six children at Northam:
– Agnes Yeo (baptised 1552)
– William Yeo (1555–1610, married Katherine Nicoll, seven children)
– Melchard Yeo (see below).

Melchard Yeo (1558–1632, son of Francis and Aricia Yeo, married Agnes Nicholl. They baptised four children at Northam, inlcuding:
– John Yeo (1592–1610, a merchant, who had five children with his wife Joanna)
– Edmond Yeo (1597–1633, a mariner, who had four children with his first wife Wilmot Clowe).

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