William James Yeo and Louise Stodden

William James Yeo was born in Camborne in 1858. He was a great grandson of Henry Yeo and Mary Dayman of Buckland Brewer. He died in Ontario in 1952.

William married Louise Stodden in 1883. They soon emigrated to Ontario, where they had seven children [note 1]:
– William Earl Yeo (born 1884)
– Elias Yeo (see below)
– Eliza Yeo (born 1887)
– Frederick Yeo (born 1889, married Lottie Trickett, one daughter)
– John Yeo (1891–1966, married Laura Stanley, emigrated to Ontario, eight children including Russell Francis Yeo, 1926–1978)
– Louis Yeo (born 1895, married Clara Merle Smith)
– Dorothy Yeo (born 1906).

Elias Yeo (1885–1965, son of William James Yeo and Louise Stodden) was born in Southwold. Ontario. He married Marjorie Jackson at Windsor, Ontario in 1911; they had at least eleven children [note 1]:
– William Ernest Yeo (born 1912, died as child)
– Huldah Edith Yeo (1913–2009, married Freeman Shingler)
– Bernice Yeo (1914–1975, married Charles Ross)
– Martha Louise Yeo (1915–2009, married Charles Thomas McMillan)
– Delphine Yeo (1917–1954, married John Douglas McFarlane)
– Clifford Hilton James Yeo (1917–1968, married Mary Ellen Caswell, two children)
– Searles Franklin Yeo (1919–1964 [note 2], married Hilda Noble, four children)
– Mary Franklin Yeo (1921–1994, married John Douglas McFarlane)
– Lawrence Steven Dunning Yeo (1926–1992, married Shirley Elaine Karl)
– Donald Yeo (1927–1979)
– Everett Henry Yeo (born 1928, died as a child).

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1. Some of the information on this family is queried in Sheila’s records, and might therefore not be reliable.
2. Known as Frank Yeo.