Robert Yeo and Rose Cory

Robert Yeo was the third son of John Yeo and Martha Hambling (see A butcher from Hill Head?). He became a shoemaker and married Rose Cory at Stratton in 1697. They baptised ten children at Stratton:
– Rose Yeo (1697–1698)
– Grace Yeo (1698–1713)
– Rose Yeo (baptised 1698)
– Philip Yeo (baptised 1700)
– John Yeo (1701–1703)
– Robert Yeo (1703–1704)
– John Yeo (1707–1779, married Grace Cann, three children)
– James Yeo (see James Yeo and Honor Cornish)
– Robert Yeo (1709–1710).

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