Dr Richard Tubb Yoe

Richard Tubb Yoe was born in Gholson, Mississippi on 24 March 1860. He trained as a doctor and was recorded as a physician in the 1900 U.S. census, when he was living in Louisville, Kentucky. He appears to have spent the rest of his life in Kentucky, dying in Bulitt County in 1943.

Dr Yoe may have had a sister Bethenia Elizabeth Yoe, whose married surname was McGraw.

According to research carried out for a correspondent by Sheila in 2003, Dr Yoe married Mary Shaw Bonnycastle at Loiusville in 1891, although the 1900 census shows his wife’s name as Adele Yoe. Dr Yoe had two children:
– Richard Rodenham Yoe, 1893–1960
– Adele E. Yoe, born 1900

Richard’s second forename Tubb came from his mother Samantha Isabella Tubb (1830–1907); the second forename of his son came from his father Rodenham Yoe (1818–1893).

Sheila identified Rodenham Yoe’s parents as Peregrine G. Yoe (born in Maryland in 1786) and Elizabeth Moore, making it likely in her opinion that the family was descended from some of the earliest English settlers in America. Peregrine may have been a brother of Levi Yeo and an uncle of George Washington Yeo – see Dr William Burdin Yeo. The variation in the spelling of the surname would at that time not have been significant.

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Can you resolve the query about the name of Dr Yoe’s wife? Is the link to Maryland correct?