Richard Yeo and Petronella Tossell

Richard Yeo, the fourth of fourteen children of Richard Yeo and Honor Bynes, was baptised at Holsworthy in 1742. For his older brother William see William Yeo and Ann Hancock.

Richard married Petronella Tossell at Pilton in 1765 [note 1]; they baptised two children there:
– Mary Yeo (baptised 1766, died as an infant)
– Mary Yeo (baptised 1770, married Cornelius Copley)
and five children in the nearby parish of St Peter, Barnstaple:
– Honour Yeo (1776–1798, married William Joseph Williams)
– Richard Yeo (1778–1837, married Elizabeth Davey, two children)
– Ann Yeo (1780–1786)
– Thomas Yeo (see below)
– Ann Yeo (1786–1837, married Francis Baker [note 2]).

Thomas Yeo (1782–1839, son of Richard Yeo and Petronella Tossell) had two children with his wife Mary:
– Mary Ann Yeo (1819–1897)
– John Yeo (see Augustus Frederick Hanewinkel and Alice Louisa Yeo)

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1. Some researchers have suggested that Richard had a previous wife called Eleanor. The record of his marriage to Petronella does not state whether he was a bachelor or a widower.
2. Ann died on board ship while she and Francis were emigrating to the United States.