Army registrations

Births and deaths on military bases have been recorded separately from civilian births and deaths, and the information includes the regiment of the serving personnel. Records include Scotland and overseas, and the system started several years before the introduction of civil registration (1837 in England and Wales, 1855 in Ireland and Scotland).

Marriages in England, Scotland or Wales were registered under the civil system, but serving personnel needed permission to marry from their commanding officer. See the notes on the marriage of William Yeo and Fanny Kinsey in 1865.

Eighteen Yeo births were recorded between 1819 and 1913, including:
– George Yeo in Quebec in 1819
Gwendolen Frances Yeo at Aldershot in 1903 [note 1]
Henry Arthur James Yeo in 1900, and his five brothers and sisters
– Margaret E. Yeo in Karachi in 1907.

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1. Registered as Gwendoline F. Yeo.