William Yeo and Joan Fulford

William Yeo was the second son of Robert Yeo and Alice Walrond. He and his elder brother Philip Yeo died before their father, making William and Joan’s son Robert Yeo the heir to his grandfather.

William and Joan had four children:
– Robert Yeo (see below)
– Humphrey Yeo (married Mary Yeo, widow of his brother Robert Yeo; Humphrey and Mary lived in London and had children, who have not been identified and some of whom might have returned to Devon)
– Alice Yeo (married Humphrey Coles of Derworthy, Milton Damerel)
– Joan Yeo (see John Triplett and Joan Yeo).

Robert Yeo (eldest son of William Yeo and Joan Fulford) became the heir to his grandfather Robert Yeo on the death of his father William Yeo and inherited the manor of Heanton Sachville. Robert married Mary Fortescue, daughter of Bartholomew Fortescue of Filleigh and Ellen Moore of Moor Hayes, Collumpton, who married in 1522. Mary later married Robert’s brother Humphrey.

Robert and Mary’s only child Margaret Yeo was Robert’s heir. When she married Henry Rolle, Heanton Sachville passed into the Rolle family and was later inherited by her eldest son Robert Rolle. Margaret died in 1591.

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