James Yeo and Eleanor Charlton

James Yeo (1782–1872, son of Thomas Yeo and Ann Butler) moved from Wiltshire to Berkshire. He married Eleanor Charlton at Swallowfield in 1807; they had two children:
– Thomas Yeo (see below)
– Ann Hester Yeo (baptised 1811 at Swallowfield).

Thomas Yeo (1808–1862, son of James Yeo and Eleanor Charlton) married Louisa Redgrove in Basingstoke in 1833. They had seven children:
– Louisa Ellen Yeo (1835–1870, married William Minns)
– Thomas Longman Yeo (baptised 1836 at Swallowfield, died as an infant)
– William Yeo (1838–1915, married Mary Charlotte Holloway, four children)
– Thomas Yeo (see below)
– Ann Esther Yeo (1840–1930, married James Alexander Kidd)
– Elizabeth Mary Yeo (1842–1873, married Joseph Tarrant Rogers)
– Luke Watts Yeo (1846–1871).

Thomas Yeo (1839–1904, son of Thomas Yeo and Louisa Redgrove) moved to London, where he married Lucy Stacey [note 1]. They had four children:
– Louisa Yeo (1872–1965, married William Albert Dodd)
– Elizabeth Mary Yeo (1873–1949, married Alfred James Wilson)
– James Stacey Yeo (1875–1940, married Florence Agnes Beckley, four children)
– Bessie Yeo (1876–1960, married George Stibbs Bullock).

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1. Marriage registered at Westminster St Margaret in the first quarter of 1869.