William Yeo and Ann Gover

William Yeo of Northam [note 1] married Ann Gover at Shirwell in 1718. Their six children were baptised at Northam:
– Beaple Yeo (see below)
– Elizabeth Yeo (baptised 1720)
– Ann Yeo (baptised 1724)
– William Yeo (baptised 1727, died as an infant)
– Mary Yeo (baptised 1730, married John Copleston)
– William Yeo (baptised 1734).

Beaple Yeo (1720–1764, son of William Yeo and Ann Gover) was rector of Atherington from 1760 [note 2]. He had two children with his second wife Mary Roch, who were baptised at Atherington:
– William Mounier Yeo (see below)
– Mary Yeo (1763–1804, married George Barbor).

William Mounier Yeo (1761–1809, son of Beaple Yeo and Mary Roch) moved to Bristol, where he is recorded as an apothecary. He married Phillis Arundell O’Neill at the parish church of St Augustine, Bristol in 1787 and baptised five children in the nearby parish of Clifton:
– Mary Arundell Yeo (baptised 1788)
– William Arundell Yeo (see below)
– George Barlow Roche Yeo (1792–1818)
– Beaple Yeo (1797–1837)
– Frances Susannah Mary Yeo (baptised 1808).

William Arundell Yeo (1790–1862, son of William Mounier Yeo and Phillis Arundell O’Neill) married Eliza Fogo Burnard at Clifton in 1827. They had four children:
– Mary Arundell Yeo (1830–1912, marred William Bartlett)
– William Arundell Yeo (see below)
– Eliza Burnard Arundell Yeo (1836–1905)
– Barbara Arundell Yeo (1841–1896, married Edward Clark).

William Arundell Yeo (1836–1880, son of William Arundell Yeo and Eliza Fogo Burnard) was educated at Eton College and Oxford University and became a barrister. He had four children with his common-law wife Clementine Hortense Frantzen [note 3]:
– Henry William Stanton Yeo O’Clarey (1861–1906, married Annie Eliza Hills, three children)
– Jessie Maude Yeo O’Clarey (1863–1885, married Eugène Alphonse Desmede)
– William Gerard Yeo O’Clarey (1886–1904, married Cecile Leontine Arnaud, four children [note 4])
– Robert John Yeo O’Clarey (1869–1944, married Gertrude Summers, one son).

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1. William appears to have been baptised at Northam in 1695 to parents John Yeo and Agnes Beaple. Confirmation required.
2. See also Beaple Yeo and the Morgan family.
3. The late Eileen Hughes – a descendant of this family – corresponded with Sheila and Martyn. She explained that William Arundell Yeo set up home with Clementine Frantzen, a Belgian woman with whom he had four children. The couple lived in London, Paris and then Brussels. They created a new surname for their children from an anagram of Y, E, O, the letters A and R from Arundell, and the letters C and L from Clementine. With the addition of an apostrophe this became O’Clarey.
4. There might have been another three children who died in infancy.