Leslie Frank Stoyle or Leslie Frank Yeo?

Correspondent Ian Stoyle has appealed for information about a nephew of John Treble Yeo and Jane Adelaide Styole.

Leslie was born at Ottery, near Lamerton on 12 September 1906. His mother was Jane’s unmarried sister Rosa Malvina Stoyle (1868–1915).

Leslie is recorded as Leslie Frank Stoyle in the 1911 census, living at Ottery with his aunt and uncle.

Leslie is recorded as Leslie Frank Yeo in the 1921 census. He is living in Kent in the household of John and Jane Yeo’s son-in-law Charles Woodward [note 1].

Leslie does not appear to be included in the 1939 Register under Stoyle or Yeo but there is an indication that he was alive in 1941, when the London Gazette recorded his appointment (under the name Leslie Frank Stoyle-Yeo) as a Lieutenant Paymaster in the Royal Army Pay Corps. There appear to be no further records of him since then.

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1. Was Leslie was living as a Yeo or did the householder make an error? He is described inaccurately as Charles’s brother-in-law.