John Williams Yoe and Mahala Eugenia Holt

John Williams Yoe was born in Tennessee in 1843. He was a grandson of Peregrine Graham Yoe and Elizabeth Moore of Calvert County, Maryland (see under Alfred Yeo and Harriet Elizabeth Feild).

John married Mahala Eugenia Holt. They had one son, John Williams Yoe junior.

John Williams Yoe junior (1886–1964, son of John Williams Yoe and Mahala Eugenia Holt) was a farmer. He was born and died in Maryland, marrying Elsie Mae Weems there in 1909 and having seven children:
– Howard Philip Yoe (1910–2001, married Susanna Jane Dixon and Della Marie Hensey, two children)
– Mary Madeleine Yoe (1912–1987, married George Fink)
– John Alvin Yoe (1914–1995, married Betty Gosnell)
– Betty Louise Yoe (1916–2002, married surname Trueschler)
– Thomas Linwood Yoe (1923–2006, married Grace Gibson Petty)
– Elsie Anne Yoe (born 1929).
The 1920 census return for Port Republic, Maryland records John and Elsie Yoe with children Howard (age 9), Madeleine (7), John (5) and Betty (3).

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Sheila looked into this line and speculated that the parents of John Williams Yoe senior were Octavius Yoe and Margarey Eliza Ann Williams, who married in 1837.