Betsey Yeo Matthias

Betsey was baptised at Clovelly in 1792 to parents John Matthias and Agnes Yeo, who had married there two years earlier.

In 1831, she married James Squire. The 1861 census for Clovelly records them at 2 Mount Pleasant, which is on high ground above the village and overlooking the sea. James is a sawyer aged 57 and Betsey is 66 – no one else is listed with them. Betsey died in 1866; she and James are buried in the parish churchyard at Clovelly.

Headstone for Betsey Yeo Squire and her husband James Squire at Clovelly. Photograph by Douglas Yeo, 2007.

Did James and Betsey have any children? Who were Agnes Yeo’s parents?

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