George Yeo of Bleadon

George Yeo was baptised in the Somerset parish of Bleadon in 1753 to parents George Yeo and Mary Day. He lived in Bleadon all his life, married three times [note 1] and had five children [note 2].

George was mentioned in the edition of the BBC programme Who Do You Think You Are? that featured television presenter Laurence Llewellyn Bowen. Sheila advised the makers of the programme in 2007 and was able to tell them that George died at Bleadon on 7 October 1817 and left a will. She was also able to confirm that Laurence is descended from George’s second marriage.

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1. To Ann Durbin at Kewstoke in 1773, to Sarah Slade at Bleadon in 1780 and to Mary Slade at East Brent in 1787
2. Mary Yeo and Ann Yeo from his first marriage; Jane Yeo, Harriet Slade Yeo and George Yeo from his second marriage. For the children of George Yeo junior see George Yeo and Mary Day.