Roger Yeo and Margaret Cowell

Roger Yeo, a grandson of Roger Yeo and Grace Gould, was baptised at Swimbridge in 1708. He married Margaret Cowell; they remained at Swimbridge and baptised five children there:
– John Yeo (baptised 1752, married Mary Husband, no recorded children)
– Elizabeth Yeo (baptised 1754, married Joseph Powell)
– Michael Yeo (1756–1824, married Elizabeth Waldron and lived at Bishop’s Tawton, seven children)
– James Yeo (see below)
– Thomas Yeo (baptised 1761, married Mary Moule, one daughter).

James Yeo (1758–1816, son of Roger Yeo and Margaret Cowell) married Elizabeth Chapple at Swimbridge in 1785. They baptised seven children at Swimbridge:
– Roger Yeo (see Roger Yeo and Maria Pinsent)
– James Yeo (see below)
– Thomas Yeo (baptised 1791, married Mary Southcombe, four children)
– John Yeo (1793–1812)
– Mary Yeo (1798–1876, married Christopher Antisell)
– Grace Yeo (1799–1853, married Henry Gaydon)
– Elizabeth Yeo (baptised 1802).

James Yeo (1788–1875, son of James Yeo and Elizabeth Chapple) married Elizabeth Shapland at Swimbridge in 1815. Their ten children were baptised at Swimbridge:
– James Yeo (see James Yeo and Elizabeth Yeo)
– Elizabeth Yeo (1818–1902, married Alfred East)
– Hannah Shapland Yeo (1820–1897)
– Mary Shapland Yeo (1823–1909, married Joseph Watts, emigrated to the United States)
– John Yeo (1825–1880, moved to Gloucestershire, married Emma Matilda Spearing, seven children)
– Thomas Yeo (1827–1886, married Elizabeth Richards, eight children including James Yeo)
– Christopher Yeo (baptised 1829 at Swimbridge, died as an infant)
– Eleanor Yeo (baptised 1830 at Swimbridge, died as an infant)
– George Shapland Yeo (see George Shapland Yeo and Elizabeth Pender)
– Ellen Margaret Yeo (1835–1850).

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