John Yeo and Ann Ellis

John Yeo was baptised at Werrington in 1770, the only son of Thomas Yeo and Elizabeth Hill [note 1]. He married Ann Ellis at the parish church in East Stonehouse in 1800 and they had eight children:
– Mary Yeo (baptised 1800)
– Henry Yeo (baptised 1802)
– John Yeo (baptised at St Andrew, Plymouth 1804 [note 2])
– Thomas Bailey Yeo (baptised 1811)
William Joseph Spry Yeo
– Thomasine Bailey Yeo (baptised at St Andrew, Plymouth 1816)
– George Yeo (baptised at St Andrew, Plymouth 1820)
– Harriett Yeo (baptised at St Andrew, Plymouth 1822)
– Samuel Yeo (see below).

Samuel Yeo (1825–1860, son of add to John Yeo and Ann Ellis) married Adelaide O’Neill in Plymouth in 1850. They moved to Calstock and had two children:
– Elizabeth Yeo (born 1855)
– Francis Frederick Yeo (see below).

Francis Frederick Yeo (1857–1890, son of Samuel Yeo and Adelaide O’Neill) married Rhoda Sarah Jarman in Plymouth in 1879. They had four children:
– Frederick Henry Yeo (born 1886 in Plymouth, moved to Hampshire, married Violet May Talbot, three children)
– Adelaide Maud Yeo (born 1887 in Plymouth)
– Elsie Elizabeth Yeo (born 1889 in Plymouth)
– Walter Ernest O’Neill Yeo (see below)

Walter Ernest O’Neill Yeo (1890–1960 [note 3], son of Frederick Henry Yeo and Rhoda Sarah Jarman) married Irish-born Ada Evelyn Edwards at the parish church of St Peter, Plymouth on 14 February 1914. They had two daughters:
– Lilian Evelyn Yeo (1914–1993, married Noel Lewis)
– Doreen Yvonne Yeo (born 1919, married Sydney Hookway [note 4]).

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1. An alternative line explored by Sheila suggested that the John Yeo who married Ann Ellis was a son of Thomas Yeo and Mary Featherstone of Launceston.
2. Possible son John Yeo (1835–1902).
3. Sheila wrote extensively about Walter Ernest O’Neill Yeo after being contacted by artist Paddy Hartley in 2008. Walter suffered disfiguring facial burns while serving on HMS Warspite at the Battle of Jutland in 1916 and was subsequently one of the first recipients of plastic surgery.
4. Doreen’s surname was Price when she registered her mother’s death in 1994.