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The wide range of resources on this site are the result of over 150 years of research by the genealogists we have acknowledged. Their transcriptions have been extensively checked and improved over the years, but are all the result of human endeavour and will therefore inevitably contain mistakes. No source can be assumed to be free of errors.

If you have constructed your pedigree from resources on Sheila’s former site or from any other transcribed sources, please do take the time to re-check it all when the new transcriptions on this site go live – see the notes under Baptisms – England and Wales. You will be rewarded with greater confidence in the accuracy of the information in your research, and if you tell us of any errors or have anything you need to question you will also be able to improve the quality of our information and help others.

Please use the Contact Us page to do this. We will take all your comments seriously, investigate them properly (checking the original records if we can) and we advise you of the outcome.

For notes on the accuracy of online sources, see Pedigrees and images on commercial web sites.