Welcome Yeaw and Mary Chaffee

Welcome Yeaw (1787–1864, the eldest son of David Yeaw and Lydia Ann Blackmar of Scituate, Rhode Island) married Mary Chafee in 1812. Welcome and Mary had fourteen children, including these five sons:
– David Yeaw (1813–1857)
– James Blackmar Yeaw (1819–1867)
– William Henry Yeaw (see below)
– Asher Austin Davis Yeaw (1829–1918)
– Jessie Lilly Yeaw (born 1842, married Jennie Day).

William Henry Yawe (1827–1906, son of Welcome Yeaw and Mary Chaffee) was born at Foster, Rhode Island and married three times. With his first wife Mary Elizabeth Follansbee he had four children:
– Mary Augusta Yeaw (1851–1927, married Ira Francis Holman)
– Alice Yeaw (married Leander Scott)
– William Edward Yeaw (1854–1941, moved to California and married Katura Baker)
– Albert Ernest Yeaw (1859–1939, married Arabelle Jean MacKay and moved to Nova Scotia).
William Henry Yawe and his second wife Lucy A. Butterfield had one daughter:
– Ida Butterfield Yawe (1872–1959, married William Nelson Thompson).
No children are recorded from William Henry Yawe’s third marriage in 1894 to Amanda Bratt.

For more information about this family, see the research by Clarence Arthur Phillips and the Yaw-Yeaw Family Society, following the link from Mike Darch and David Yaw’s Previous researchers page.

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