Robert Yeo and Mary Ann Fulford

Robert Yeo, a grandson of Robert Yeo and Susanna Down, was baptised at St Giles-in-the-Wood in 1815. Sheila looked into his line with Lorraine Lund in 2001.

Robert married Mary Ann Fulford at Bideford in 1842; they emigrated to Prince Edward Island and had seven children there:
– William Yeo (1843–1918, married Jane Brundage, two children)
– Frank Yeo (1848–1920, married Mary Ann Carmault, four children)
– Thomas Yeo (1848–1928, married Mary Elizabeth Hosford, three children)
– James Yeo (1850–1930, married Mary Chisholm, nine children including Horatio Nelson Yeo and Robert Charles Mackenzie Yeo)
– Robert Yeo (see below).

Robert Yeo (1852–1921, married Orentha Pridham in 1879. Their ten children were born on Prince Edward Island:
– Charles Edward Pridham Yeo (1880–1956, moved to Massachusetts, married Ethel Penelope McNeill in Boston in 1910, two daughters)
– William Atlee Yeo (born 1881, died as an infant)
– Elizabeth Abelana Yeo (1883–1972, married Colin Campbell Rix)
– Daniel Preston Tuplin Yeo (1885–1959, married Annie Bruce, four children)
– William Colwill Yeo| (1887–1972, married Annie Sanderson, three children)
– Ruby Hannah Yeo (1890–1970, married Robert George Thurlow)
– Eliza Campbell Gordon Yeo (1891–1983, married John Alexander McLeod)
– George Earl Yeo (1892–1955, married Mary Anne Livingstone, five children)
– Harry Secord Yeo (1895–1973, married Gladys Josephone Corbett, four children)
– Sampson Robert Yeo (1896–1954, married Bertha Coburn, four children).

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