Benjamin Yeo and Mary Wade

Benjamin Yeo (1772–1825) was the third son of Benjamin Yeo and Grace Oke. He married Mary Wade at Bradworthy in 1792 and they baptised twelve children there:
– Benjamin Yeo (baptised 1793, died as an infant)
– Thomas Yeo (see Thomas Yeo and Grace Walter Yeo)
– Benjamin Yeo (baptised 1796, died as a child)
– John Yeo (baptised 1797, died as an infant)
– William Yeo (see William Yeo and Mary Routley)
– Grace Yeo (see John Cole and Grace Yeo)
– Ann Yeo (see John Westaway and Ann Yeo)
– Benjamin Yeo (baptised 1805, died as an infant)
– Elizabeth Yeo (baptised 1806, died as an infant)
– Benjamin Yeo (see below)
– Mary Yeo (1811–1840, married her brother-in-law John Routley)
– John Yeo (see below).

Benjamin Yeo (1809–1863, son of Benjamin Yeo and Mary Wade) married Pasco Boundy Ashton at Bradworthy in 1830. They farmed at Hartland and had four children:
– Leonora Yeo (1830–1875, married Silas Bond)
– Benjamin Yeo (1832–1883, married Catherine Brown, no recorded children)
– Grace Yeo (born 1835 [note 1])
– Ann Yeo (1840–1908, married Patrick O’Connor)
before emigrating with them to Ontario in early 1841. They had three further daughters in Ontario:
– Mary Jane Yeo (1847–1922, married John Dunn)
– Emma Yeo (1850–1905, married William Simpson)
– Ellen Ashton Yeo (1853–1918, married Alfred Daniel Perley).

Ontario emigrant John Yeo of Bradworthy, at the age of 71. Photograph from the papers of Ellard Yeo.
Ontario emigrant John Yeo, at the age of 71.
© Dorothy E. Yeo 1983

John Yeo (1813–1884, son of Benjamin Yeo and Mary Wade) emigrated to Ontario via New York in 1835 [note 2]. He returned to Devon to marry Mary Ann Shortridge at Hartland in 1838. They travelled back to Ontario and had seven children [note 3] there:
– Mary Jane Yeo (1843–1905, married John Henry Conklin)
– Ann Yeo (1848–1910, married Henry Storrar)
– Lucy Yeo (1850–1907, married David Elijah Young)
– Thomas Yeo (1853–1917, married Louisa Catharine Terryberry, four children)
– Georgina Yeo (1856–1881, married John Lockhead Young)
– Emma Grace Yeo (1857–1884)
– John Benjamin Yeo (see below).

John Benjamin Yeo (1862–1948, son of John Yeo and Mary Ann Shortridge) married Selina Dingle in 1889. They had three children:
– Harold Dingle Yeo (1891–1896)
– Hazel Dingle Yeo (1898–1962)
– Ruth Yeo (born 1903, died as an infant).

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1. Grace was baptised at a Wesleyan Methodist ceremony three weeks after her birth. She appears to have emigrated with her parents, and is recorded as Elizabeth Yeo in the 1851 Ontario census.
2. John Yeo kept a diary during his emigration in 1835, see Emigration diaries and stories.
3. There were three other children from this marriage, who died as infants.