Richard Yeo and Ann Prowse

Richard Yeo (1838–1925, third son of William Yeo and Charity Pugsley) was born at Swimbridge. He married Ann Prowse in 1871; they had five children:
– Frederick James Yeo (1871–1951, moved to south Wales and married Mary Smithwick, nine children including Kenneth Bertram Yeo, 1922–1980)
– Sarah Ann Yeo (born 1872, died as a child)
– Sarah Ann Yeo (1879–1954, son Albert Reginald Yeo, 1902–1973)
– William Henry Yeo (see below)
– Thomas George Yeo (see below).
Richard Yeo died at Swimbridge in 1925.

William Henry Yeo (1882–1960, son of Richard Yeo and Ann Prowse) married Lottie Leworthy in 1911 and had six children:
– Nora Sabina Yeo (1912–1993)
– Tom Yeo (1912–1978, married Ethel Davies, one daughter)
– Megan Prowse Yeo (born 1920, married Frank Tapscott, Arthur Hoyle and Thomas Frost)
– Evelyn Bendle Willmetts Yeo (born 1924, married James Mellows)
– Henry Thomas Willmets Yeo (born 1926, married Flossie Hicks, two children).

Thomas George Yeo (1884–1953, son of Richard Yeo and Ann Prowse) married Mabel Blanche Ackland in 1910. Their four children were born at Swimbridge:
– Ernest George Yeo (born 1910, married Kathleen Parish, one daughter)
– Reginald Albert Yeo (1912–1988, married Ivy Holland)
– Kathleen Iris Yeo (1914–1919)
– Thomas Roland Edward Yeo (born 1916, married Violet Vigurs, two daughters).

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