William Yeo and Bridget Rundle

There appears to be no record for the marriage of William Yeo (baptised at North Tamerton in 1722, son of Philip Yeo and Margaret Bond) and Bridget Rundle (baptised at Poughill near Bude in 1725), but they had at least seven sons in Stratton between 1754 and 1769 [note 1]. Of these sons, four married and had children [note 2]:
– William Yeo (see below)
– Philip Yeo (see Philip Yeo and Hannah Martin)
– Peter Yeo (married Elizabeth Warne at Tavistock in 1789)
– James Rundle Yeo (married Elizabeth Branch at Bridgerule in 1821)
– Simon Yeo (married Agnes Prout at St Mary Magdalene, Launceston in 1774).

William Yeo (1757–1819, son of William Yeo and Bridget Rundle) married Catherine Sleeman at Marhamchurch in 1784. They baptised eight children at Marhamchurch between 1785 and 1799. Four of their children married and had children:
– James Yeo (1790–1845, married Alice May Hambley at Padstow in 1811 and settled there)
– Richard Yeo (see Richard Yeo – absent father)
– Catherine Yeo (married William Martin at Stratton in 1837) [note 4]
– Bridget Yeo (1799–1878, married Thomas Johns at Stratton in 1818) [note 4].

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1. Are William and Bridget’s baptisms correctly identified and why are there no records of daughters? How did their sons come to marry and settle at widely differing locations? Why is there no record of any of the members of the family emigrating?
2. We hold a detailed pedigree of William and Catherine’s family, compiled in the 1980s by a correspondent of Sheila’s.
3. For their grandson William Yeo Martin (1815–1854) see Richard Yeo – absent father.
4. For their granddaughter Bridget Yeo Johns, who married her first cousin William Yeo Martin at Stratton in 1841 see Richard Yeo – absent father.