Samuel Yeo and Elizabeth Johns

Samuel Yeo, son of Philip Yeo and Margaret Bond, was baptised at North Tamerton in 1724. He married Elizabeth Johns at the parish church in Lansallos in 1748. They had nine children:
– Philip Yeo (see below)
– Samuel Yeo (1750–1830, married Elizabeth Prout, no recorded children)
– Ann Yeo (baptised 1753)
– Simon Yeo (baptised 1755, married Sarah Bayley)
– Susanna Yeo (baptised 1756)
– John Yeo (see John Yeo and Elizabeth Wallish)
– Mary Yeo (baptised 1760)
– Rosamund Yeo (1761–1820, married Joseph Harris)
– William Yeo (see below).

Philip Yeo (1746–1830, son of Samuel Yeo and Elizabeth Johns) married Susannah Brown at Duloe in 1777. They baptised three children at Duloe:
– Samuel Yeo (see below)
– Susanna Yeo (baptised 1780)
– Elizabeth Yeo (baptised 1783).

William Yeo (1764–1813, son of Samuel Yeo and Elizabeth Johns) married Honor Broad at St Pinnock in 1790. They had eight children, including:
– William Yeo (baptised 1791 at St Veep, married Elizabeth Hicks, two sons)
– Samuel Yeo (see below).

Samuel Yeo (baptised 1778 at Duloe, son of Philip Yeo and Susannah Brown) married Grace Hooper at St Cleer in 1809. They lived in Duloe and baptised eight children there, including:
– Samuel Yeo (see below)
– Susannah Yeo (baptised 1817, married Francis Crago) [note 1]
– Giles Yeo (baptised 1827).

Samuel Yeo (baptised 1802 at St Veep, son of William Yeo and Honor Broad) married Elizabeth Curtis at St Veep in 1829. They had eight children:
– John Yeo (married Jane Hill; see John Henry Arthur Yeo and Florence Edith Ada Ward)
– Richard Yeo (see below)
– Elizabeth Yeo (1834–1852)
– Mary Ann Yeo (born 1838)
– Samuel Yeo (1841–1929, married Elizabeth Jane Martin, son Samuel John Yeo)
– Jane Yeo (born 1843)
– William Charles Yeo (1846–1920, married Cecilia Knight)
– Anna Maria Yeo (1849–1928, married Thomas Martin)
– Emma Yeo (born 1851).

Samuel Yeo (1813–1875, son of Samuel Yeo and Grace Hooper) lived in Duloe with his wife Elizabeth. They had nine children there, including:
– Thomas Henry Yeo (1839–1870, married Ann Meech, four children)
– William Yeo (born 1840, moved to Plymouth, married Selina Hawke, eight children)
– Samuel Yeo (see Samuel Yeo and Mary Jane Hutchings)
– John Yeo (see below)
– Charles Yeo (see below).

Richard Yeo (1832–1897, son of Samuel Yeo and Elizabeth Curtis) married Elizabeth Bassett at Lanreath in 1852. They had eight children, including:
– James Bassett Yeo (1853–1917, married Mary Ann Davy and Martha Ann Stephens, no recorded children)
– Emma Jane Yeo (1866–1937, married Thomas Doney, moved to Plymouth)
– Malinda Yeo (1873–1970, married Harry Motton)
– Frank Yeo (see Frank Yeo of St Veep)
– Bertha Yeo (1879–1964, married Abel Willcock, emigrated to the United States in 1930).

John Yeo (1847–1923, son of Samuel and Elizabeth Yeo) married Eleanor Mary Quant at Stoke Damerel in 1868. They had six children:
– Ann Eliza Yeo (1869–1935)
– Maud Mary Yeo (1872–1936)
– Charles Christy Yeo (1874–1936, married Edith Rogers)
– Emily Rosina Yeo (see William Thomas Yeo and Ellen Amelia Mutton)
– Albert John Yeo (1880–1949, married Ann Lamerton)
– William Thomas Yeo (see William Thomas Yeo and Ellen Amelia Mutton).

Charles Yeo (born 1852 at Duloe, son of Samuel and Elizabeth Yeo) married Elizabeth Jane Hawken in Plymouth in 1883. They had four children:
– Charles Henry Yeo (born 1884, died as an infant)
– William Herbert Yeo (1887–1977, married Marian Honor Crowle in 1904)
– Beatrice Mary Yeo (1890–1942, married Albert Pearn in 1909)
– Lewis John Yeo (1893–1976).
The 1891 census records Charles and Elizabeth at Morval, near Liskeard. Charles is an agricultural labourer, and their children William and Beatrice are listed with them.

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1. The 1851 census for Duloe lists Francis and Susanna (recorded as Susan) at Lower Tredinnick. Francis’s widowed father-in-law Samuel Yeo is listed with them.